CAO Spring Term 2019 e-letter #1

Quite a few  gremlins in the last one! Fingers crossed they’ve been spotted 

Happy New Year to all  !

CAO Spring Term 2019 e-letter


1 Spring Concert  Date; prompt rehearsal starts at 7:30 pm please.  

2 This term’s rehearsal dates starting on Thursday 17th January 2019 !!!     

3 Subscription Fees

4 Music for Spring Term 2019                                                        

5 Absence from rehearsals

6 Other CAO news

7 Tea break duty

8 Social!

9 Website and Facebook

10  CAO Dates for the Summer  Term 2019 agreed with the church

11 CAO AGM                                    

1Spring Term 2019  Concert Day Saturday 30th March 2019  7:30 pm 

Spring Term 2019  for CAO again has great music ,  Peter Fender as  MD and  Sofia Presta  as   CAO  leader . Our first rehearsal for this term is  Thursday 17th January 2019 starting promptly at 7:30 pm tuned and ready to begin  so please make every effort to attend and make an excellent start to the term! 

2 Rehearsal datesCAO Spring Concert 2019 at St Mary Magdalene’s on Saturday 30th March 2019 7:30 pm ( Rehearsal from 2:30pm 


Peter Fender A Sussex Overture
Sibelius Pelleas & Melisande 
Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending– Soloist Annette Graudina
Vorisek Symphony in D Rehearsal                                                            

#1           17th January 2019 ( tea duty clarinets)                                 

#2           24th January 2019 ( tea duty oboes )                                

#3         31st January 2019 ( tea duty flutes )

#4           7th February 2019 ( tea duty bassoons )

#5          14th February 2019 ( tea duty horns )Half –term Thursday 21st February 2019 no meeting                                

#6           28th February 2019 ( tea duty violins)

#7           7th March 2019 ( tea duty cellos)

#8           14th March 2019 ( tea duty clarinets )

#9           21st March 2019 ( tea duty oboes )

#10         28th March 2019 ( tea duty flutes )

NB  orchestral workshop on Saturday 16 th February 2019  has been cancelled

3Subscription fees –.This term’s subs (£90/concessions £75 ) need to be paid by half term ie by 14th February  at the latest. CAO’s bank details  : Sort code   77-13-09 Account No 76489560

Please assist Andrew Heddle ( ) by informing him by email when your payment has been made directly into the CAO account by bank transfer.

4 Music Library – Music for the Spring Term 2019Dear Musicians of CAO, I place below information about the music of our forthcoming Spring Term. For the purpose making practice copies for use at home, the following piece is available to download and print on the IMSLP website. Please find the link below. Under Sheet Music, click on Parts, and then navigate to your instrument.Voříšek, Jan Václav: Symphony in D major Op.23,_Op.23_(Voř%C3%ADšek,_Jan_Václav)The following music will be available in the church only: Fender, Peter:A Sussex Overture Op.28; Sibelius, Jean: Pelléas et Mélisande suite, Op.46; Vaughan Williams, Ralph: The Lark Ascending

For string players, bowed parts will be available to download and print from the CAO website in the Members section.For all players, where it is necessary to borrow music, always sign for this and sign it back in. Please limit your borrowing period as much as possible. This ensures that we keep track of music, that it is available in the church when needed, and that we are able to return music to lenders and libraries.If your part is covered by a dep. at any rehearsal, please ensure that music is in the church for this person.Members must return all parts to the orchestra immediately after the concert of Saturday 
30 March 2019. Any Member not returning music undamaged, will be liable for the replacement cost of this. (Photocopies will not be acceptable as replacements.)With warm wishes for a splendid and happy term of music makingSarah Walker 
Music Librarian

5 Absence from rehearsals

Please if you cannot attend a particular rehearsal  send one email ASAP to  Andrew Sargent (  ),and cc all  the following; David Cowell (  07939 502340), Sofia Presta (, and your section principal ( make sure you have their email and mobile contact details !) especially where absence is known in advance– please check with the ten rehearsal dates above. If something has come up at the last minute then a text to David (07939502340 ) and your section principal as well as an email to all is acceptable and better than nobody knowing before it’s too late!Wind sections are expected to additionally arrange for  a dep to cover  (with contact details  to the principal )  -where possible ( a list of possible dep’s is available from your section’s principal)  

6 OtherCAO news Welcome to all new players joining the orchestra this term. CAO are especially pleased to welcome you!Maurice Dunaiski has kindly agreed to lead the cellos this term as Lois Brown is not available ( although  she will be able  to play at  the Spring Concert 2019).Lois was also the CAO secretary. This means both the CAO Secretary and  Treasurer posts are vacant . Both are vital posts and without them the Committee and the orchestra cannot function effectively. This situation cannot continue so please, if you are able to help in anyway do come forward and let Alison, Andrew Sargent or David know ASAP.CAO need to recruit more good string players and trumpeters for the Spring 2019 concert. Please ask your friends to join us .Printed programmes from the Autumn 2018 concert are available free -with all participants names- from David. Please take as many as you need ! The Autumn concert produced an income of a little over  £3000 . After all bills were settled this left CAO with a small excess of about £200  . However, over 2018 as a whole CAO made a loss of approx £1000. This is a reminder of how important it  is for CAO to play to  as large an audience as possible. Please start recruiting our Spring concert audience ASAP!!

7 Tea break dutyIn the order of rehearsals to be organised by 1 Clarinets, 2 Oboes,3 Flutes ,4 Bassoons, 5 Horns 6 violins 7 cellos,8 Clarinets ,9 Oboes ,10 Flutes ; Concert Day Clarinets . Please note down the date for your section as per the website rehearsal schedule. An aide- memoire is available from David for the uninitiated . Please note there is now only one CAO kettle in the Crypt ! 

8 Social           -As always, everyone is invited to the local pub after rehearsals ! 

9 CAOWebsite and Facebook -Basic CAO info is posted on the players section of CAO  website (the password was given out last term but will be repeated verbally at the first rehearsal) including payment details of fees  etc.( Thanks to Lee for all the website work  and Cindy for Facebook  updates).If you have any comments or suggestions about any aspect of the website or Facebook page please do let the CAO Team know.

10  CAO Dates for the Summer 2019 for your diaryCAO Summer Concert 2019 on Saturday 13th July 2019 7:30 pm ( Rehearsal from 2:30pm)

Mozart Overture to Don Giovanni
Rachmaninov Piano concerto no.2 

soloist Anna Tetsuya
Elgar Enigma Variations                                       

25th April 2019 Committee meeting


# 1          2nd May 2019                                 

#2           9th May 2019                                

#3           16th May 2019                                

#4           23rd May 2019Half-Term 30th May 2019                                 

#5           6th June 2019                                

#6           13th June 2019                                

#7           20th June 2019                                

#8           27th June 2019                                

#9           4th July 2019                                

#10         11th July 2019                             

Workshop/Play day Saturday 25th May or  1st June 201911  CAO AGM –This will take place on 9th May 2019. Nominations for the available Committee posts will be needed before the  conclusion of the Spring Concert 2019

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