CAO Spring Term 2018 e-letter

Happy New Year to all our CAO readers !

CAO Spring Term 2018 e-letter #1


1 Spring Concert  Date; prompt rehearsal starts please. 

2 This term’s rehearsal dates starting on Thursday 4th January 2018 !!!        

3 Subscription Fees

4 Music for Spring Term 2018                                                       

5 Absence from rehearsals

6 Other CAO news

7 Tea break duty

8 Social!

9 Website and Facebook

10  CAO Dates for the Summer and Autumn  2018

11 Autumn 2018 is Chamber Academy’s 10th Anniversary


 STOP PRESS Orchestral Workshop at St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square 

 Saturday 17th February 2018 !!!! See attached poster

Music : Elgar:  Enigma Variations

Conductor: Peter Fender    Leader Sophia Presta

Cost :£30/£25 (All players qualify for the concession rate)

Please urgently register your  interest ( and part preference where appropriate)  as soon as possible  via

It is hoped that as many CAO string section members  ( who all pay the concession price !) will  participate and invite as many instrument playing friends as possible  ( please spread the word ).



1 Spring Term 2018  Concert Day Saturday 17th March 2018  7:30 pm

 Spring Term 2018  for CAO again has great music and has  Peter Fender as  MD and  Sofia Presta  as   CAO  leader . Our first rehearsal for this term is  Thursday 4th January 2018 starting promptly at 7:45 pm tuned and ready to begin  so please make every effort to attend and make an excellent start to the term!

2 Rehearsal dates

CAO Spring Concert 2018 at St Mary Magdalene’s on Saturday 17th March 2018 7:30 pm ( Rehearsal from 2:30pm probably not at St Mary Magdalene’s as our church has been double booked for the afternoon ! More information to follow )


Rehearsal            # 1          4th January 2018

                                #2           11th January 2018

                                #3           18th January 2018

                                #4           25th January 2018

                                #5           1st February 2018

                                #6           8th February 2018

Half –term Thursday 15th February 2018

                                #7           22 February 2018

                                #8           1st March 2018

                                #9           8th March 2018

                                #10         15th March 2018


There will be an orchestral workshop on Saturday 17th February 10am -5pm Elgar: Enigma Variations see attached poster


3 Subscription fees.This term’s subs (£85/concessions £70 ) need to be paid by half term ie by 8th February  at the latest. CAO’s bank details  : Sort code   77-13-09 Account No 76489560

Please assist Andrew Heddle ( ) by informing him by email when your payment has been made directly into the CAO account by bank transfer.

4 Music Library – Music for the Spring Term 2018

Dear CAO Musicians ,

 I place below, information about making practice copies of music for home use and borrowing issues.


For non-string players (and double bass players in the case of the Reinecke concerto)

Schubert, Franz: Symphony No.4, D.417 (Tragic),_D.417_(Schubert,_Franz)
Using the above link, you can download and print copies of this. Under Sheet Music, click on Parts, and then navigate to your instrument.

Reinecke, Carl: Flute Concerto in D major, Op.283
Joplin, Scott: The Entertainer / Maple Leaf Rag (woodwind and horns only)
If you require to borrow parts to make practice copies for home use, it is essential to sign these out and back in again. It would also be most helpful to limit the period of borrowing to 1 week.

For string players (including double bass players, except in the case of the Reinecke concerto)

Schubert, Franz: Symphony No.4, D.417 (Tragic)
Reinecke, Carl: Flute Concerto in D major, Op.283
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Eine kleine Nachtmusik K.525 (strings only)
Bowed parts of all three of these pieces are available to print from the website Members > String Parts with Bowings section. The other pieces  will soon beavailable to download and print from the CAO website in the Members section.

For all Members

Where it is essential to borrow music, please limit the borrowing period to 1 week and always sign for this and sign it back in.

If your part is covered by a dep. at any rehearsal, please ensure that music is in the church for this person.

Members must return all parts to the orchestra immediately after the concert on Saturday
17 March 2018. Any Member returning music damaged, will be liable for the replacement cost of this. (Photocopies will not be acceptable as replacements.)

With warm wishes for a splendid and happy term of music making

Sarah Walker
Music Librarian


5 Absence from rehearsals

Please if you cannot attend a particular rehearsal  send one email ASAP to  Andrew Sargent (  ),and cc David Cowell (  07939 502340), Sofia Presta ( ), and your section principal ( make sure you have their email and mobile contact details !) especially where absence is known in advance- please check with the ten rehearsal dates above. If something has come up at the last minute then a text to David (07939502340 ) and your section principal as well as an email to all is acceptable and better than nobody knowing before it’s too late!

Wind sections are expected to additionally let their principal know ( make sure you have their e-mail and telephone no )and name the Dep who you, with the principal, have arranged to take your place -where possible ( a list of possible dep’s is available from your section’s principal) 

6 Other CAO news

 Emily Naheta, CAO secretary , gave birth to Misha on December 9th  (see the lovely photo attached). Mother and daughter are doing well .   Congratulations and very best wishes  come from all at CAO !

Of course Emily (viola) will be taking some time away from CAO  so we really need someone at CAO to step up to the plate in the interregnum. Could this be you ?

The treasurer post is also vacant and if you are able to help in anyway ,however small, David , who is standing in temporarily , would be most grateful!

 The cello section will be led by Lois as Emily (cello) is abroad.   Welcome to all new players joining the orchestra this term. CAO are pleased to welcome all!

7 Tea break duty

In the order of rehearsals to be organised by 1 Clarinets, 2 Oboes,3 Flutes ,4 Bassoons, 5 Horns 6 violins 7 cellos,8 Clarinets ,9 Oboes ,10 Flutes ; Concert Day Clarinets as per the website rehearsal schedule. An aide- memoire is available from David for the uninitiated !


8 Social           -As always, everyone is invited to the local pub after rehearsals !

9 CAO Website and Facebook -Basic CAO info is posted on the players section of CAO  website (the password was given out last term but will be repeated verbally at the first rehearsal) including payment details of fees  etc.( Thanks to Lee for all the website work -especially  the  scanning of past concert posters into previous concerts and Cindy for Facebook  updates).

If you have any comments or suggestions about any aspect of the website or Facebook page please do let the CAO Team know.

10  CAO Dates for the Summer and Autumn 2018 for your diary

Summer Concert  2018 7th July 2018 7:30 pm ( Rehearsal from 2:30pm )


Musical Theme ‘ Music for a Summer’s Day ‘

Music TBC


Bruch: Kol Nidrei      Solo Cello        

Rachmaninov:Piano Concerto No.2    Solo piano        

Puccini : O mio bambino caro       Solo soprano      

Bizet : Habanera from Carmen      Solo soprano      

Dvorak   Song to the Moon from Rusalka    Solo soprano        

Mascagni  Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana    Harp Strings      

Debussy   Claire de Lune  Harp Strings

Tchaikovsky    Swan Lake Suite (movements 1/2/4)

                                   19th April 2018 Committee meeting

Rehearsal            # 1          26th April 2018 also CAO AGM

                                #2           3rd May 2018

                                #3           10th May 2018

                                #4           17th May 2018

                                #5           24th May 2018

Half-Term 31st May 2018

                                #6           7th June 2018

                                #7           14th June 2018

                                #8           21st June 2018

                                #9           28th June 2018

                                #10         5th July 2018


                            Workshop/Play day 2nd June 2018



Autumn Term 2018 Concert Day Saturday 24 November 2018 7:30 pm

 ( Rehearsal from 2:30pm )

                                                          CAO’s 10th birthday


Music  : Mendelssohn: double piano concerto in E

Other music TBC



Rehearsal                      6 September 2018 Committee Meeting

#1       13 September 2018

 #2      20 September 2018

             #3       27 September 2018

             #4       4 October 2018

             #5       11 October 2018

            #6        18 October 2018

25 October Half-term

            #7        1 November 2018

            #8        8 November 2018

            #9        15 November 2018

            #10      22 November 2018


orchestral workshop on Saturday 20 th October 2019 Music TBC



11 Autumn 2018 is Chamber Academy’s 10th Anniversary

Any suggestions you may have to make this concert a very special one are very welcome. Tell a Committee member .



This will take place on  26th April 2018. Nominations for posts will be needed before the Spring Concert.

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