CAO Spring  Term 2017 e-letter 2

1)Thanks to all who attended our first rehearsal of the Spring Term on Thursday 5th January –‘ a good start indeed’

Thanks ,too, to the players that have sent emails( as per recent eletter copied below) confirming rehearsal dates that they know they will not be able to attend this term. Please always do this rather than passing a message on verbally. It is vital for planning our rehearsals.

A strong plea to players who cannot attend a particular rehearsal to send one email ASAP to  Andrew Sargent (  ),and cc David Cowell (  07939 502340), the leader  Andy Tsao ( our MD Peter Fender ( ) -especially where it is known in advance- please check with the ten rehearsal dates. If something has come up at the last minute then a text to David as well as an email to all is acceptable and better than nobody knowing!’

Woodwind and Brass sections are expected to additionally let their principal know ( make sure you have their e-mail and telephone no )and name the Dep who you have arranged to take your place -where possible ( a list of possible dep’s is available from your section’s principal)

Spring Term 2017  Concert Day  Sunday 19 March 2017 7:30pm (Rehearsal from 2:30pm)

Rehearsal # 1           5 January 2017

#2            12 January 2017

                                #3            19 January 2017

                                #4            26 January 2017

                                #5            2 February 2017

                                #6            9 February 2017

Half Term 16 February 2017

                                #7            23 February 2017

                                #8            2 March 2017

                                #9            9 March 2017

                               #10               16 March 2017


2)Next rehearsal Thursday 12th January

 Is slightly different from normal but will take place in the warmth of the Crypt:

7:45-8:15 Wind only Strauss . The music has been ordered but hasn’t arrived yet. Please print off relevant instrument part and bring  a copy to the rehearsal using the link below( should be foc.)

Strauss: Serenade in Eb (Op. 7) for wind,_Op.7_(Strauss,_Richard)  access for private study only

8:15-8:45 Everyone

8:45-9:00 Tea Break organised by Oboe section

9:00- 9:30 Everyone

9:30- 10 Strings only –Bach


3)Orchestral Workshop at St Mary Magdalene’s Church

 Will focus on late Classical/Early Romantic Style Performance

Date/Time   Saturday 4th March 2017 10am -5pm (subject to confirmation)  but probably

MD Peter Fender

Leader TBC

Music :available on IMSLP

Vorisek: Symphony in D (1823)

Haydn: Symphony No 99

Cost TBC

Please give an indication at Thursday’s rehearsal  that you will  attend.


Best wishes

The CAO Team



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