Winter Term 2016

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Hope you’ve had a lovely summer and Bank Holiday!


1  Concert and rehearsal dates; prompt rehearsal starts     

2 CAO Website                                                                                                    

3 Play Day at St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square        

4  Extra violin support

5 Music for Autumn Term 2016                                                      

6 Absence from rehearsals

7 Recruitment and Concert Posters

8 Tea break duty

9 Social



1 The coming Academic Year promises to be an exciting one for CAO with fantastic music , Peter Fender as  MD and Andy Tsao to continue as CAO’s Leader for the Autumn Term 2016 until Abi returns as leader in 2017. The dates of the concerts and rehearsals have already been given but are attached again to enable diaries to be updated! Our first rehearsal for this term is Thursday 8th September 2016 as usual starting promptly at 7:45 pm tuned and ready to begin (the Crypt is usually open at 7pm and normally we have access to the church from 7:30 pm).

Peter will provide a rehearsal schedule for the Autumn Term which will be revised as necessary but please collect a hard copy and  check the website and your mail box for this.

2 Website- Thank you once again Lee for updating this and Cindy for Facebook. Basic info is posted on the website so that it is  available to members  including payment details of fees (by the fourth rehearsal please 29 September ) etc.. The password was given out last term but will be repeated verbally at the first rehearsal! We managed to get a group photo of the orchestra in July so do look.

If you have any comments or suggestions about any aspect of the website or Facebook page please do let the CAO Team know.


3 CAO String Play Day 1st October 2016 at St Mary Magdalene’s Munster Square

Conductor: Peter Fender

Leader: Mario Basilisco

Music    Grieg: Holberg Suite and Glazunov:Theme and Variations

Times  10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm (finishing with a play through of the music to which friends & family are invited)

Cost £20 (£15 concessions)

All string players will have a separate reminder e-mail  but it is hoped that all CAO members will  invite as many string playing friends as possible and  CAO’s regular string players will attend .  Please register your interest at the first rehearsal with David.


4 Extra violin tuition  Last term Andy  sent the following message to all CAO violinists ‘ I would like to offer individual/lesson to the violin members in order to work through their parts for the coming concert and clear  doubts about technical problems . I would like all the members to feel that they can truly enjoy the experience and all the support’s there when they need some ‘. Additional violin tuition may be available again in the Crypt from 6:30 pm prior to the rehearsals depending upon the response . ( Please respond by email direct to Andy ( )ASAP if you wish to avail yourself once more of Andy’s kind offer)


5 Music Library Matters

Borrowing items from the CAO music library
If you require to borrow CAO music this term because you will make markings and edits on these during rehearsals and need to refer to these during practice sessions at home, please kindly record these borrowings in the relevant folder. If your part is covered by a dep. at any rehearsal, please ensure that music is in the church for this person.

Printing practice copies of music for this term
If you are able to print your own practice copies of the Rameau and Mozart pieces, for use at home, from the imslp website, and leave the orchestra copies in the church, this would be helpful. Here are the imslp links. On the website, click on Sheet Music > Parts and then navigate to your instrument:

Rameau: Ballet Suite (arr Mottl),_Jean-Philippe)

Mozart: Double Piano Concerto in E-flat major, No.10 (K.365/316a),_K.365/316a_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)

Soloists for the Mozart double piano concerto will be Petros Moschos and Dimitris Karydis.

Saint-Saëns: Symphony No.2 in A minor (Op. 55)
The parts for this piece are not available online. The music will be on loan to the orchestra, and available from the first rehearsal of 08 Sept 2016.
As with all parts borrowed from the orchestra by Members, the borrowing and returning of items must be recorded. If you are able to limit the borrowing of your part to 1 week (in order to create a copy for home practice), this would be helpful.
Members must return all parts to the  orchestra immediately after the concert of 27 Nov. If any parts are not returned undamaged, the orchestra will be liable for the replacement cost of these. (Photocopies will not be acceptable as replacements.)

With warm wishes for a splendid and happy term of music making

Sarah Walker
Music Librarian



6 Absence from rehearsals

In addition to that stated in the Etiquette section a strong plea to players to send one email ASAP to  Andrew Sargent (  ),and cc David Cowell (  07939 502340), Andy Tsao( ) and Peter Fender ( ) if you cannot attend -especially where you know in advance- check the Member’s schedule page for the ten rehearsal dates. Woodwind and Brass sections are expected to additionally let their principal know and name the Dep who you have  arranged to take your place -where possible. If something has come up at the last minute then a text to David as well as an email to all is ok.


7 Recruitment

We welcome a number of new string players this term but more are always welcome !


8 Tea break duty

In the order of rehearsals to be organised by 1 Clarinets,2 Oboes,3 Flutes,4 Bassoons, 5 Horns 6 violins 7 cellos,8 Clarinets Oboes ,10 Flutes ; Concert Day Clarinets. An aide- memoire is available from David for the uninitiated !

9 Social

Everyone is invited to the local pub after rehearsals !


Many thanks and see you on  Thursday 8th September


The CAO Team

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