Summer 2016 term

1MD,Leader and soloist ; prompt rehearsal starts

We welcome back both Peter Fender to be CAO’s MD and Andy Tsao to be CAO’s Leader for the Summer Term 2016 . Peter will forward to us a preliminary rehearsal schedule for the whole term which will be revised as necessary so please check the website and your mail box for this. Unfortunately, Abi has stepped down as Leader this term for personal reasons, but we are very happy to announce Andy Tsao will fill her expert shoes . Our soloist for the piano concerto will be Emma Walker whose details will be posted on the website when received.

Of course we will want to learn as much as possible from our professionals and this can only be achieved by starting promptly at 7:45 pm tuned and ready to begin rehearsals. To this end the Crypt is usually open at 7pm and normally we have access to the church from 7:30 pm


2 Website- Do check out the new web page. Lee has done a marvellous job . It’s much much more than a spring clean and although he says he still has a few more bits ‘to finish’ it’s definitely getting there in terms of the ‘brochure-ware’ marketing side of things- something that Olsi referred to way back in October 2015. Thank you Lee for this major undertaking .

The photos chosen for the Home page can be regularly updated and an obvious must is a photo of the entire orchestra. Strangely, this has been on the Concert Schedule for the last two terms (immediately before the concert) but has never materialised ! The lighter evenings present an opportunity for a photo by the entrance of the church- but will it happen ?

This e-letter is an attempt to reduce the number of necessary e-mails to members. Part of this strategy is to make more ‘bread and butter’ information available to members via the website. This is mostly available in the protected ‘Members’ section which includes lots of info in the main, schedule, etiquette and Constitution pages including payment of fees by the third rehearsal please etc.. This e-letter will be posted on the News section and some info here is there too. The password was given out last term but will be repeated verbally at the first rehearsal!

If you have any comments or suggestions about any aspect of the website or Facebook page please do let the CAO Team know.


3 St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square

Our beautiful venue for rehearsals and performance has a new website and there is a link from the Music section to CAO which I take to indicate that the church are proud to host us. In turn it is also very important that we return the positions of all furniture to that before we arrived and any help you can give to this end will be much appreciated. To assist this a plan of the positions of ‘new’ chairs has been requested from the church and Fr Colin. You may be interested to know that the church is also used for / by the Markson Piano Series, Munster square music live and talent unlimited 


4 Music for the forthcoming Summer Term 2016

Borrowing items from the CAO music library

If you require to borrow CAO music this term because you will make markings and edits on these during rehearsals and need to refer to these during practice sessions at home, I would be most grateful if you could record these borrowings in the relevant folder as this would assist me greatly.

Printing practice copies of music for this term

If you are able to print your own practice copies for use at home, from the imslp website, and leave the orchestra copies in the church, this would be helpful. Here are the imslp links. On the website, click on Sheet Music > Parts and then navigate to your instrument:

Ravel – Tombeau de Couperin,_Maurice)

Mendelssohn – Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor – Op.25,_Op.25_(Mendelssohn,_Felix)

Beethoven – Symphony No. 2 in D Major – Op. 36,_Op.36_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van)


With warm wishes

Sarah Walker CAO Music Librarian


5 Absence from rehearsals

In addition to that stated in the Etiquette section a strong plea to players to email to let Andrew Sargent ( ), David Cowell ( 07939 502340), Andy Tsao( ) and Peter Fender ( )know if you cannot attend -especially where you know in advance- check the Member’s schedule page for the ten rehearsal dates. Woodwind and Brass sections are expected to additionally let their principal know and name the Dep who you have arranged to take your place -where possible. If something has come up at the last minute then a text to David as well as an email to all is ok.


6 Recruitment and Concert Posters

Laura has done a fantastic job on both of these and sincere thanks are due for getting these ready so early in the term. The Concert poster just awaits the inclusion of the soloist’s name- Emma Walker ( which has only just been finalised -many thanks to all who were engaged in this activity ) and will follow very shortly to enable us to advertise the summer concert in an unhurried and measured way to maximise our audience. This usually involves all players asking as many friends and family as possible and the poster really helps but with just a little more time to think we could all do more. Lee has even made the purchase of tickets available over the internet (see Next Concert on web page)- but further ideas/suggestions will be gratefully received!


Recruitment is such an important issue for us all that the recruitment poster is attached . The wonderful publicity work done by Lee, Laura and Cindy helps us greatly but our brilliant orchestra would be even more fun and exciting with more players . Apart from the financial aspect it opens the possibilities of wider choice of programme for all.

For the Summer Term Peter has said that he regards the desirable size of the string section to be 8 first and 8 second violins, 6 violas and 6 cellos, 2 basses ; additionally we’ll need extras- 1 trumpet, 1 timpanist, 1 harpist, 1 cor anglais,1 piccolo. It’s certainly a challenge to meet these targets if they to be filled by fee paying members of the orchestra not just players ‘on the concert day ‘.

All efforts by Members to recruit and distribute the recruitment flyer are valuable and vital and it’s sensible to do this in a systematic way. Also personal messages to individual people or organisations are more likely to be effective than just sending information out to groups.

It has been suggested that a record is kept of the potential new players that Members have contacted, by what means, on what date etc, in order to get an overview of who we have contacted and to gauge which publicity methods are most effective for recruiting suitable players where required.It has also been suggested that perhaps Members could submit this information by means of addingthis info to a document strategically placed in the tea break, and /or email this info to Andrew Sargent.

So could you begin this process by making a list and actually contacting any person /organisation you can think of who you could contact? Share and thank you so much!


7 Tea break duty

In the order of rehearsals to be organised by 1 Clarinets,2 Oboes,3 Flutes,4 Bassoons, 5 Horns 6 violins 7 cellos,8 Clarinets Oboes ,10 Flutes ; Concert Day Clarinets. An aide- memoire is available from David for the uninitiated !


8 Social           

Everyone is invited to the local pub after rehearsals but ideas needed for a possible get together-eg picnic in Trafalgar Square for a BP Big Screen event from ROH (weather permitting!), Prom… ideas please!


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