Saturday’s concert

Dear Chamber Academy members!

Saturday’s concert was a tremendous success.  The orchestra accompanied our marvelous soloist with both delicate and muscular support.  It couldn’t have gone much better.  The Brahms Concerto is a
very difficult piece so we can all be proud.  And of course Hilary’s terrific solo in the slow movement was a highlight.

The Beethoven did not disappoint in the second half.  Another challenging piece that we performed with aplomb.  Plenty of positive feedback was shared in the after party.  We hope you are all recovered.

Next term we take a new direction with more theatrical music of childlike fantasy.  We open with a Suite by Faure called ‘Masques et bergamasques’ (Masks and bergamasks, bergamask being a rustic dance). The Overture actually heralds from an earlier abandoned Symphony by Faure (

For our Concerto we are joined by pianist Niel du Preez who will be performing Schostakovich’s famous second concerto that he wrote for his son.  The slow movement is particularly sumptuous and worth a listen to if you are ever feeling down (

Our main item is the exquisite ballet suite by Ravel called ‘Mother Goose’.  Originally composed as a piano duet for youngsters he later orchestrated it.  A link to a youtube version is below, plus parts are available from IMSLP via the link below.,_Maurice%29

Next term’s concert is on Sunday the 22nd March.  Rehearsals start on the 8th January.  Please check your diaries for any clashes in advance and let us know if there are dates you won’t be able to make.  It’s worth remembering that despite our rehearsals spanning a 10 week period, we don’t rehearse more in terms of hours than your average well-funded professional orchestra, so regular attendance is something we must aspire to!

Have a marvelous Christmas and we look forward to seeing you on the 8th January.

Thomas and Abi

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